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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  June 29, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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releasing few details. >> cid is and remains the lead investigative agency. we have asked for and are working a joint investigation with the fbi. >> reporter: the fbi tells fox 5 it will have no comment. the inspector general's report was called into question, contracting procedures that allowed local companies to get lucrative contracts to help digitize the cemetery's paper record keeping. >> we're vigorously pursuing any potential wrong doing and if criminal conduct is found, the army will take appropriate action. >> reporter: perhaps more disturbing to families of loved ones buried at arlington was the revelation that cremated remains were found in one single location at the cemetery. >> two of the three sets of remains have been reinterred at the family's request. >> reporter: according to cid, their initial contact with the u.s. attorney's office in alexandrea determined the fact that eight sets of remains were
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found in one place may not be criminal. the army and fbi are looking at that as part of the investigation involving contract fraud and improper reservations for grades. and virginia congressman jim moran has beenout outspokes about this and released a statement today saying, quote, this whole situation is deeply troubling and an affront to our nation's veterans and families. it guess on to say we owe no less to the war heros than to get to the bottom of what is going on at arlington national cemetery. we have no timeline on how long that is going to take. for now, the army, the fbi, and u.s. attorney's office are being tight lipped about the status of the investigation and what might come out of it. shawn. >> karen, are problems turning up even though there is new management in place now at the semtary? >> reporter: that is true. you maim mai remember two of the top people in charge, then superintendent john metzler and
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his deputy, both were allowed to resign. the cid said it was important to point out the new administrators are not a target of the investigation. thank you. the marine reservist caught at arlington national cemetery in the middle of the night was dismissed from the marine corps yesterday. he didn't contest the proceedings. he's charged with shooting at the pentagon and other military buildings. he was arrested earlier this month in arlington. prosecutors say evidence found in his home linked him to the shootings last fall. the man blamed for a crash that killed an entire family in virginia on sunday is staying behind bars without bond. steven boyce is charged with dui, involuntary manslaughter and underage possession of alcohol. the court documents say the blood alcohol level was three times above the legal limit when the truck slammed into the back of the row family jeep at i-81 on sunday morning. the jeep's gas tang ruptured
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and caught fire. -- particular ank ruptured and caught fire. after a fire that started in the storm area. the firefighters responded to the tackle box restaurant on m street at 91 today. the fire spread from the storm area and to the kitchen and roof. no one was hurt but fire trucks blocked the streets while crews were working to put out the fire. you can imagine how that impacted traffic there. >> a fiery car crash inside an arlington parking garage killing one woman. the police say the woman, the 74-year-old, crashed into a wall severing a natural gas line in the garage on north stafford street and investigators believe that show crashed because of a medical issue. -- she crashed because of a medical issue. becoming the first area in the nation to have online gambling may have hit a snag. several council members were concerned the city wouldn't have control over where online gaming would be established. the lottery commission said gaming won't be offered in places where which were can access it. the lottery officials say
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gambling venues will be certified the way they certify lottery ticket outlets. >> and i think the concerns are valid and i think the board has to take it into account i think the places they're currently contemplating are not public spaces or schools, libraries, rec centers, senior citizens places, places where there are vulnerable. >> d.c.'s attorney general said he doesn't endorse nor condemn the plan. the job is to deal with the legality of the proposal. there is good news for students hoping to get jobs. budget issues met more than 4,000 young people would not get johns to the program this this -- jobs through the program this year. today, even sent gray stopped by fox 5 morning news to give us the details. >> we are excited about the opportunity to be able to say every one of our young people eligible can be certified and will, in fact, have a job for
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the summer. we're looking at it as an opportunity for them to get experience, as you say, and to a specific skill. learning to show up every day, showing up on time and getting along with people. i went out to some job sites the first day and it was great to see the kids working. went to one site where they're on a culinary program and had their croup foams on, they were -- they were with upforms on and excited. the kids can go and read and adults are included as well. all of our swimming pools are open and have been open for a month. we opened them on memorial day, they opened on time and have been in service new throughout the first month of the program. of course, the summer youth program and we have all of our public safety agencies involved as well. they're running a lot of youth programs. the metropolitan police department, the fire department, homeland security and even the national guard is running programs.
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>> the mayor had a lot to talk about and you can watch the entire interview on just click on the mornings tab. a blunt challenge to congress when it comes to the economy. president obama said the gop must agree to raise taxes on the wealthy because ordinary americans are sacrificeing and set a hard deadline for working out a financial deal. fox's craig bosswell has details on the first white house conference in three months. >> reporter: president obama called on congress to extend the payroll tax for one more year, pass a number of measures stalled on capitol hill and said lawmakers need to rise to the occasion and reach a deal on deficit reduction. >> they need to do their job. >> reporter: president obama said cutting a deficit ahead of the vote to raise the nation's debt ceiling is possible and closing some tax loopholes to raise revenue might be a part of the equation. >> i think it's fair to ask an oil company or corporate jet owner that has done so well to give up that tax break that no
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other enjoys. >> reporter: the august 2nd deadline to raise the nation's borrowing limit is not arbitrary. >> these are bills that congress ran up. the money has been spent. >> reporter: some lawmakers are skeptical about the deadline set by the treasury department. >> dealing with this debt problem and this deficit problem is far more important than meeting some artificial date created by the treasury secretary. >> reporter: republicans also say that any tax increases are dealbreakers. >> it's about whether washington will ever, ever be held accountable for its mistakes. that is why republicans refuse to let the taxpayers take the hit. >> reporter: during the more than an hourlong press conditions, the president was asked to defend u.s. military involvement in libya. >> do i think that our actions in any way violate the war powers resolution? the answer is no. >> reporter: president obama warned lawmakers if they don't make more progress this week on deficit reductions, they'll need to skip next week's recess
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and weeks of talks have yielded more than a trillion in cuts but that is short of what is needed. >> president obama also said the attack on a luxury hotel in kabul is a reminder that afghanistan is a very dangerous place still. terrorists attacked the intercontinental hotel on tuesday. afghan and nato forces responded with snipers and helicopters firing missiles. 19 people were killed including all eight bombers. the hotel was under renovation which may have allowed the terrorists to slip inside. >> the insurgents are using every means to infiltrate into tight security areas. they might have camouflaged themselves as laborers, as technicians. >> the hotel, which is frequented by foreigners and dignitaries, was considered one of the most secure sites in the capital. he is not competent to stand trial. the man accused of shooting congresswoman gabrielle giffords is in front of a judge
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today. plus, we know the key to finding breast cancer is early detection. what about other forms of the deadly disease? could screening for lung cancer actually save lives? we're taking this to the experts. gary. thank you, shawn. beautiful out there and as a matter of fact, let me prove it to you. they tell me we have live pictures. look at that. a few clouds and not much. lower humidities, will this stick around for the next several days to you the -- through the holiday weekend? i'll let you know. >> bring it on. bring it o gary. thank you, see you soon. keep it here. fox 5 news at 5 is coming back. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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>> it looks like maryland voters will get to decide if undocumented miners can attend state universities and pay in- state tuition levels. opponents are preparing, excuse me, preparing to hand in enough signatures to put the issue before voters. mean while, supporters are criticizing obama administration and congress and john henrehan has more. >> reporter: some states -- arizona, georgia -- are lately taking a harder line on illegal immigration. maryland's legislature went the opposite way passing the state version of the dream act. opponents of that statute believe on this issue the state legislature in maryland is more liberal than are the voters. about $100 self-described undocumented residents of the united states gathered in one of the senate office buildings
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in caps and gowns. they call themselves the deportation class of 2011. brought here illegally as children, they have been raised in america and are all looking over their shoulder. >> 50 years ago, i was pulled over for a broken taillight and, as a consequence, i'm being deported. >> reporter: they're calling on president obama to use his administrative powers to stop deportations of people who might some day be allowed to earn citizenship through military service or through attending college if the congress ever passes the proposed dream act. illinois senator dick durbin, the child of an immigrant mother told the group organized voters. >> people who are comfortable in their citizenship and in their security need to stand with us see that you have allies and friends. >> reporter: maryland's legislature has narrowly passed a state version of the dream act that allows undocumented students who graduate from
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maryland high schools to attend state colleges at in-state tuition rates. opponents have used a high-tech internet campaign to print mail- in petition forms to overturn the statute. in liberal silver spring, we found only support. >> if the parents are paying maryland taxes, they graduated from an in-state maryland school. i think they should get in- state tuition. in college? in college. >> should go for prices -- >> why? >> and everyone deserves an equal opportunity. >> i feel everyone deserves a chance in education and in life regardless of whatever country they are from. >> reporter: we could not find an opponent of the dream act in montgomery county. opponents of maryland's dream act think thatteneral montgomery county is not republicans of the state and believe that most maryland voters are going to say no to in-state tuition for undocumented students. tomorrow is the deadline for
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petition signatures. organizers are confident they will have enough signatures to get the issue before voters and it's likely you will vote on this issue november of 2012. >> what happens if the maryland voters vote to overturn the law? does that decision then trump the law? and in fact the law won't go into effect. if the signatures are accepted, the law automatically doesn't go into effect until the voters decide. the law is put on hold. >> wow, very interesting. thank you for breaking it down for us. we're following a developing story in greece tonight. chaos once again erupted in athens as parliament passed austerity rules that could stave off a worldwide financial crisis. lawmakers voted to cut spending and raise taxes by $40 billion the next five years. protestors assaulted one lawmaker as he left parliament and several bangs and storefront windows were smashed. riot police responded to the violent outbursts on the
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streets. greece had to pass the changes to get a bailout package and if the country defaults on the loans, that could threaten the euro and send global markets into a tailspin. that will be one of the first issues of the new imf chief that she will be facing. the international monetary fund named christina legard of france the first chief, the first woman to head the imf. she's considered an expert in the european debt crisis and is replacing dominique strauss-cop who is charged with try -- strauss-kahn who is charged with trying to rape a hotel made in new york. an emergency hearing underway in tucson right now for jared loughner. he's the suspect in the shooting rampage. his lawyers want to stop prison officials from forcing him to take antipsychotic drugs. they say he should be drugged because he's diagnosed as schizophrenic and he -- is dangerous to others. he reportedly lumped at his
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attorney and had to be restrained. he plead not guilty for the shooting that killed 13 and injured many others. now to a fox 5 health alert on avastin. after listening to two days of testimony, an fda advisory panel voted unanimously to revoke the approveal of the drug for treatment of breast cancer. a panel of experts testify that the drug is ineffective and causes dangerous side effects and there is no word when or if the fda will follow the panel's recommendation. lung caps cert leading cause of cancer debts in the united states. a major breaktrue in the fight against the disease. a new study finds c.t. scans on people with high risk for lounge cancer reduce their chances to die by 20%. opcologist john deacon is here with more. thank you for being here. >> good to be here. >> this is good news and for those of us not familiar with the process, were ct scans not standard procedure for screenings in the past? >> they haven't been. we have been trying for years
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to screen high-risk individuals for lung cancer. we use x rays, people that cough into a cup and none of that works. this study is coming out tonight for the first time and shows if we use cat scans we can reduce the rate of people dieing from lung cancer by 20%. they're supposed to benefit people at high risk. i estimate an estimated 7 million americans fall into that category. who is the high-risk category? that is a great question. the patients over the page of 55 are high-risk who were smoking or quit within the last 15 years. and then you had a 30 pack-year history of smokes. if you smoked one pack a day for 30 years or two for 15 years, that turns out to be a 30-pack year history. those were high-risk patients and that is who might benefit the most from the scanning methods. >> and how frequently then will people in this high-risk category, how frequently should they be screened for this? that is a great question.
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the study did annual scans. if there is an abnormality, they are done more frequently. once a year for three years and what we don't know is what should they have of their lives and to make sure there is no early cancer to detect to treat and cure at an early statement. >> if you're watching now and a smoker at home, should you be calling your doctor tomorrow to ask about the scan? that is what an individual should do. find out if you're at high risk and if you're interested in more information on the study g to our website at and find out more. >> and people were questioning, seems like it took long to figure this out. i mean recently last year, we started hearing new details on breast cancer screenings. why did it take so long if to figure this out? that is a great question. to do thoseular studies and to know this is a taxpayer funded research, it started in 2002 and enrolled over 50,000 people, including almost 2,000 in the d.c. area who were screened at georgetown and took
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us another three years to detect it and what it shows is it takes years for a screening methodology to prove that it can detect early cancer and, therefore, cure more patients if we catch it earlier. the studies take years and a lot of money. this is an investment by the u.s. taxpaers that showed a -- taxpayers that show a positive result. >> thank you very much for coming in. >> thank you. the temps outside, feel good. it was a nice break from the humidity. will the relief last? we want to know. gary's up next with more. and what is next for whitey bulger? the notorious massachusetts mob boss is headed back to court? who will represent him coming your way at 5:30. consumers today have a legitimate concern about the chicken they eat.
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>> a developing story out of the philippines tonight. flash floods have killed at least 25 people in and man children are victims.
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flood waters reached 10 feet deep and many villages are still trapped. they're trying to pull people to safety. here at home, my gosh. a different story. my goodness, it was glorious out there. why? >> and we should be doing our newscast. >> okay. >> and still hot and the humidity levels were low and that is feeling good. >> and i am with you, shawn. don't give them ideas. [ laughter ] >> i know, i shouldn't. >> and we'll be out in tents tomorrow. >> exactly. >> you said tomorrow is a great day, gary. tomorrow is the day to do it. >> and that is that pick of the week. it will be less breezy tomorrow and cooler. >> okay. >> 89 degrees right now. yeah. and it's not as noticeable because the humidity dropped and it's been dropping through the afternoon. that is helping things, too and
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it's pushed offshore in wilmington, north carolina and for us, it looks real, real nice and show you what is coming our way the next few days. nothing. you see the chows in the east of us and there is nothing to the west. the high pressure is building in and tomorrow we my see a cloud or two and that is the same high pressure that is going to bring us warmer temperatures going back into that weekend. end say the weekend weather is going to be summer and the temperatures in the 90s, humidity returns, too and there is that slow moving bank of clouds to the east and there is nothing more i can say. it's beautiful and fair skies and some places may get into
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the upper 50s and we'll talk about her coming up. thank you. coming up on fox 5 news at 5. more tearful testimony in the casey anthony trial. this time, it came from casey's father. don't mess your courtroom play by play next. and the fox 5 money team is keeping you busy. >> following news out of the federal reserve regarding the debit cards and a bump -- for the pounding market and a look at the clouding numbers next. 
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>> another dramatic and emotional day in the casey anthony murder trial. both of the parents took the stand again today. today's testimony left casey's father in tears. phil keating has the latest from orlando. >> reporter: cindy anthony taking the stand first. >> were you ever remained aware
5:30 pm
that there were incidents of your songoing into casey's room at night? [ indiscernible ] >> did you ever have to deal with an issue? [ indiscernible ] >> you may approach. >> reporter: the defense stopped in its tracks. it was the testimony of casey's father joker anthony take -- george anthony taking center stage, getting combative with baez when he implied he implicated casey in caylee's death during investigation. >> was i upset and falling a part at the moment? absolutely, my family was being torn a part and for you to say that i was doing something wrong, sir, you're wrong. >> reporter: it continues when baez pushes mr. anthony on whether he ever his daughter casey. >> you were forced to never admit to molesting your child? that is amountive. -- argumentative. >> you can answer the question? sure, i would never do anything like that to my daughter.
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>> reporter: but george anthony broke down into tears when describing his emotions after learning caylee's remains had been found in a wooded area near his orlando home. [ indiscernible ] >> trying to get through this. >> reporter: the defense forcing george anthony to talk about his suicide attempt alleging that the reason he was going to kill himself was out of guilt for his involvement with caylee. george anthony replied the opposite: he was so upset, he figured it was time for him to be with caylee. in orlando, phil keating, fox news. >> accused mob boss whitey bulger is back in court tomorrow and could be assigned two high-profile lawyer. he was arrested last week after a 16-year international manhunt and is accused of masterminding 19 murders. the two new attorneys are rated among the best criminal attorneys in the state.
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devastating accusations against a mine where 29 west virginia miners died. they have prove that massy energy kept fake safety records to throw off inspectors. the massy find disaster was the deadliest u.s. coal field disaster in 40 years. a federal mine safety official claims the company kept an accurate logbook and showed regulators a sanitized one. workers claim they were encouraged to omit safety problems from the official report. massie is under new ownership and preferred questions back to federal investigators. debit card thieves won't be cut as deeply as retailers hoped. instead, they struck a middle ground. does that mean you won't be forced to foot the bill? melanie alnwick has that and more in today's money report. >> reporter: a six-month lobbying blitz by the bank succeeded somewhat. retailers charged a fee every time they use a debit card and
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added up to $1 billion a month the fed proposed slashing the fees biest is% to 12 cents per -- fees by 70% to 12 cents per transaction and that would force them to make up the costs elsewhere. the federal reserve adjusted cutting the fee to 23 cents per swipe. retailers said they passed the sayings along to the customers. the fee cut takes effect october 1st. bank of america is settling claims with investors the bank knowingly sold the bad mortgage securities. b of a will pay to major investment companies like timco, met life, and the federal reserve bank of new york. the stocks rose on the news since many view it to be a big make. bank of america has put behind it. and more good news on the housing mark. the number of people who signed contracts to buy homes justed up -- jumped up last night, 8.2%. the pending home sale index is an indicator of where the housing market is headed. the national association of realtors said that sales could
5:34 pm
be 15 to 20% higher if banks would begin lending to more credit-worthy borrowers. and stocks closed up 73% today. investors seemed well tolike the news of greece clearing the way for more emergency loans. the bank of america settlement played well on the market; how far, it still has to be signed off by a judge; the $8.5 billion offer is 4% of theout standing balance on the deals and the smaller investors are balking at that figure. >> how are retailers reacting to the ruling since the foe cut is not as much as they counted on? >> by -- >> we got a statement from the national retail federation and that said, quote, american consumers suffered a major loss. it said that retailers are disappointed that the fed didn't follow through on reform but did say that they would be able to offer modest discounts
5:35 pm
to customers. and thank you. a college chal tom build an energy-efficient home will give two low-increase families a place to live. students in new jersey plan what is called a passive home, which we talked about yesterday, the house that uses 90% less energy than most houses. and it will be built-in new jersey and moved to the dean wood neighborhood. after that, habitat human the -- for humanity will be able to build a second pass to the home and they will be able to move in. a job well-done for local kids. with the help of arts on the block, the children liveing in quebec terrace in silver spring created this mosaic design to decorate two outdoor stairways and they're not done with the work, though. >> what a great way to get kids involved and make the community look fabulous. >> absolutely. good for them. and more than a month after house arrest, lindsay lohan
5:36 pm
could be free. we're live with the latest on lilo still ahead. and a new zealand zoo is working overtime to get this stranded penguin on its feet. we have the latest on the recovery efforts underway. next. 
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>> with d.c. housing costs at a premium, this is an idea for the waterfront. condos floating on the river. this condo community is on the waterfront in chattanooga, tennessee so until mid-july. the full-size version is 600 feet long and they'll have a swimming pool, grocery store, and an 18-hold golf course. the one- to three-bedroom unit start at $100,000. >> a penguin found 1800 miles from home might be spending a lot of time in the water.
5:40 pm
an advise or board wants it to swim back to antarctica instead of a freighter. the penguin somehow turned up on a beach in new zealand. it's the first penguin spotted there in nearly 50 years. the wildlife experts think it should be released in the water to find its way back home. the zoo keepers are trying to nurse him back to health. >> he's getting ready -- and he's kind of calling to us in protest. >> oh. a millionaire offered to pay to have that penguin return home by boat. it won't be released until officials believe he's well enough to have a reasonable chance of survival. >> and finally, a break from the heat and -- it's hot out it. -- out there. the question is, will it last? we will have a look at the forecast and the holiday weekend. and liz taylor's famous jewels going on tour before they go up for auction. we have a scoop on where to see the star's most prized
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possessions. next. not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed. get the facts at
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it's a great place to see all the listings in thousands of cities and towns. with lots of houses to chose from and down-to-earth prices the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever. find out what an experienced re/max agent can do for you. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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>> 106 days and counting now for the nfl lockout. a full season is still a possibility. but both sides are pushing the envelope right now. >> reporter: an nfl lockout means no games or practices, talking with coaches or anyone affiliated with the team and with no fun. >> i think anyone making up a positive from this lockout is trying to make headlines and try ising to make the -- trying to make the best of the bad situation. it doesn't want to be on the field playing. >> reporter: the nfl lockout is over 100 days old and getting over from the minute. they cover so much ground and
5:45 pm
those who are healthy enough to hit the field are paying the big of the price of all. >> reporter: am -- and something i'm playing with. >> the first week of training camp with the cardinals, ier to my calf and that is nasty. >> i suffered an injury to me foot and tore ligaments and a couple of dislocated bones. >> reporter: players like travis and dee and joey have returned to their alma mater, the university of maryland to rehab their injury. being at a team facility is not allowed, you know. >> 45 degrees and backpedaling. >> reporter: that is where she ins in and she's been the rehab coordinator for six years and thanks to the lockout, she's helping at least seven until players get back in the game. >> and once they're at a point where they can do some football activities, it's hard. they don't have anyone else to practice with. at this point where they would
5:46 pm
typically be hitting or doing otas and things like that and to game where they are physical, they can't do that now. >> you trust that they your employers, that is what they want to you do and that is what -- when you hear, you don't know. >> reporter: the comeback trail is brutal physically for until players and with no cba, it's taking a toll on their wallet. >> and i am squeezing in before the lockout actually happened, but some of the bills i still have -- and i felt it a bit. it's been a nightmare and i have had to pay for most of the costs upfront, things of that sort and hopefully this will end soon and we can get this squared away. >> reporter: something all parties are he for. in college park, lindsay muffy, fox 5 -- lindsay murphy, fox 5 sports. roger gudel and something
5:47 pm
spoke with nfl rockies -- rookies and then hopped on a plane and headed to minneapolis together to resume negotiations. this has gone on for some time and hope it gets resolved. >> what is your prediction? >> and that is not out of the question. >> yeah. >> you would miss it. >> yeah. >> and -- some tools in texas. grew up in henderson county and on that west side. >> wouldn't you know? >> and henderson county, tool, texas. >> tool texas? they make fun of them. and when someone is from tool. >> reliable. how is today's forecast? >> reliable. >> we'll let you know after we get there.
5:48 pm
>> the cool jokes that people throw around, you know. i'm not going to go. >> go to weather. >> that is so nice. and beautiful conditions out there. the high pressure comes in this weekend and it's going to bring temperatures back into the 90s. until then, it's going to be real, real nice. believe it or not, the temperature right now is at 89 degrees and it's very, very warm out. the humidity is level is down it will be a beautiful evening and overnight. it will continue the trend for two more days. i take you down to the gulf of mexico. if you didn't know, the bay of campeche, the area here in the
5:49 pm
the gulf of mexico. and this blob of clouds, this is what we're looking at, enhanced satellite picture, all of this is down here is basically what is now tropical storm arlene. she became a tropical storm last night tropical storm arlene down there. we're looking at the picture and they're very high clouds, tall clouds indicative of thunderstorm activity. and now we're switching over to show you basically what it is right now with all of this specifics. doesn't look like she's going to strengthen to a hurricane before making landfall. late, late tonight and early
5:50 pm
tomorrow morning, the primary problems, they're not from wind or storm surge or anything like that and it will basically be rain and four to eight inches of rain along the coastal rain and in the mountainous regions of mexico, most of the interior sections of mexico and a lot of mountains, they get out as much as 15 and 20 inches of rain. again, that is the first storm of the season. hurricane -- tropical storm arlene, i hope we don't have to deal with that this season and that is going to be a fairly active season. thanice at 7 and through the evening hours.
5:51 pm
and tonight, you can have a few 50s in the suburbs. nearly perfect tomorrow, for, you know, getting into the first month of summer. here's why. the high pressure to the northwest of us and there is the front that came through overnight, so it's pushed on off to the east and south and brought a very refreshing air mass and basically to the easter sections of the country. -- eastern sections of the country and going to make to the south. the high pressure is going to stick around for a while and fair skies for us overnight tonight, i think, almost crystal clear overnight tonight and in for the day tomorrow. beautiful overnight and, again, out in the suburbs, the winds calm down overnight, we could get a few upper 50s. more like mid- to upper 60s in up to and tomorrow, i mean again, nearly perfect. we might have to do the news
5:52 pm
outside tomorrow night. >> a great idea. >> that perked him up. >> and that perked him up. how about lunch outside? if you're buying, we're there. >> and absolutely. 80 degrees at noon. 83 degrees for tomorrow about 5:00. we're talking mid-80s tomorrow. and we have good news for the weekend even though it's going to be hot. i haven't changed the numbers. there is still 96 on saturday;ive in on sunday and -- 95 on sunday. independence on monday and 94 degrees. ole a spotty storm -- only a spotty storm in each day. >> okay. >> and could be a couple of rounds. that is about it. i didn't make it hotter. it's going to be humid. >> all right. thank you. you will have to tell us about that, the beach. >> the beaches are going to be fine and real, real nice. >> okay. >> we'll talk about that tomorrow. >> thanks, gary. elizabeth taylor fans will get an up-close look at some of the prized possessions. christy's auction house is taking the late actress's jewelry, art and other
5:53 pm
memorabilia on a three-month international tour that starts in september and stops in hong kong, paris and l.a. and in december, paris jowls will hit the auction block in new york city. and to the talk of the up to on tmz. lindsay lohan is finally free. 19a parker is live in -- nina parker is live in l.a. the house arrest ended today? >> yes, 35 days of long, hard time in her home in venice. she had the tracking device removed and she's free to roam the streets of los angeles again. she still has to complete 480 hours of community service and has to attend some type of counseling class as well. >> it's not over yet. >> let's switch to comedienne tracy morgan, in trouble again over another questionable joke. what happened this time? >> reporter: he performed in new york and went through the tour of apology and now is insulting mentally disabled which were. in addition to that, he talks
5:54 pm
about a disabled girlfriend he had in the past and talks about her prosthetic arm and makes a joke about that. a lot of people are up in ams again and say how far can he be if he continues with the offensive remarks? it's hard to be a comedienne. they poke fun at all sorts of people and it's not politically correct anymore to do that and makes it hard story them. he's on a role. -- it's hard for them. he's on a role. thank you very much, nina parker. before then at 6, d.c. police officers under investigation after a brutal night club beating. when it was all said and done, a maryland man ended up losing an eye. you will hear from his lawyer as the investigation unfolds. it starts. and -- >> nothing reflecting about it. >> why is the reflecting pool bone dry right now? full of dirt? find out what is going on in one of washington's most famous
5:55 pm
attracts. and what would princess diana look like if she were alive today? "newsweek" missed the mark on this one. 
5:56 pm
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5:58 pm
>> a group of local leaders got a first look at the martin luther king jr. memorial on the national mall. it opens to the public august 28th. ministers from virginia, maryland, and the district learned about the memorial's interactive experience. that's right, the monument will allow visitors to learn more about dr. king's movement and legacy. that is the element of the monument that sets it a part from others on the mall. >> and i think that that is why it's important. there are many young people not allowed to be personally what was going about the civil rights movement and this will be a legacy that will go on
5:59 pm
forever. they helped raise money for the construction and believe the final cost is $120 million, $112 million have been raised so far and that is between the lincoln memorial and jefferson memorial on the edge of the tidal basin. the news edge at 6 starts right now. this was to protect people. they're not supposed to attack and punish it. >> three d.c. police officers under investigation after a beating so savage that it caused a maryland man to lose an eye. the whole thing caught on tape and now, those three officers are facing possible assault charges. this happened outside of lotus lounge in northwest. the victim's lawyer said the tape shows the client being kicked repeatedly by two people. the officer's under investigation have had their police powers revoked


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